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"I just wanted to say something to those on the fence about doing this bootcamp . . . DO IT!!

With Courtney as your trainer you can’t go wrong. I did the first bootcamp and loved it. Crazy how much your body can change in as little as 4 weeks. If you want to start the journey of getting in shape do it. Your fitness level, your size, your age, none of it will hold you back. Start 2018 by doing something for yourself "

Staci- Summer Body Bootcamp 2017 & Fall into Fitness Bootcamp 2017

I joined a great group of women 👭 in the fall boot camp!! I NEVER would have imagined that I would LOOK FORWARD to a 5AM workout 🙈 but I did...and still do! The workouts were challenging but Courtney Barrios does a great job encouraging you to keep going and helps you modify (which I needed OFTEN lol) the exercise if necessary. If your thinking about signing up but your just not sure....I highly encourage you to JUST DO IT!! You will feel so much better

Stephanie- Fall into Fitness Bootcamp 2017

I participated in the last boot camp and loved it! Courtney Barrios is amazing 😘. I loved the variety of exercises so it felt like you were doing something new each time. The shopping list, menu and encouragement were just a few of the things I liked the most!

Bonnie- Fall into Fitness Bootcamp 2017

My daughter and I did the fall boot camp together! It was a great bonding experience but it was even more than that!! It kick started our healthy lifestyle! Courtney Barrios was the best instructor! Classes were fun and she was always available when we had questions. The meal prep and recipes were awesome and we still use it everyday! I am so happy we did it!!

Jean- Fall into Fitness Bootcamp 2017